Hi there, I'm Lynnette. I love discovering people's stories, exploring and learning.

In my past life I spent 15 years as an award winning journalist covering health, medicine, and science—as well travel, adventure, and human interest stories for leading publications throughout Australia and New Zealand.

My work has appeared in The Weekend Australian, Outer Edge, Madison, Marie Claire, The Sunday Telegraph, The New Zealand Herald, The Sunday Star Times, New Internationalist, The Illawarra Mercury, Australian Doctor, Bicycling Australia, Medical Observer, as well as several other specialised magazines and web sites. 

I currently work full time creating resources and helping develop programs that support people to better manage their health conditions. It's fun and meaningful work, but I wanted  to re-create a space to indulge in my passion for food and culture and stories. That's my aim for this blog and Beyond the Table podcast. If you have a story that fits this theme please do get in touch.